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Bug fixed

Version 0.13 - 17.11.2021

A big package of news! We have redesigned all the screens in an uniform design.

Screen Redesign

All uploaded models can be seen and searched in the new online library.

More options for the settings menu.

Search and filter options for the projectfile screen and the online library.

Main Menu includes last used models.

Disappearing cursors in text fields are visible again.

Version 0.12 - 30.08.2021

There is a new Camera System (BETA). With this you can move the camera free in space. This complex camera system can be found in the settings under "Editor".

The arrows are now used to rotate the camera. Movement happens by looking next to the edges of the screen.

New projects are shown first in the project overview.

Times will be shown in the 24h system not the 12h (am/pm) system. 

The "Step Back" button will not go transparent unplanned.

Version 0.11 - 19.05.2021

We now support different screen resolutions besides 16:9 like the ones you use for a widescreen monitor.

Version 0.10 - 16.05.2021

OBJ Export

3D models can be exported to OBJ files

Support for more devices!

Mouse emulators as well as the eye trackers of the tobii Dynavox I-Series are supported

A grid that makes the edges of the voxels easier to recognize can be selected in the settings.

Different screen resolutions are supported now.

Eye Tracking Data Usage Note

The Caps Lock key to permanently capitalize works.

In cursor mode, the keyboard can be used for input.

From now on, the keyboard key will display "abc" when you are in the number view of the keyboard.

Previous functions not listed.

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