Experience the first 3D program that you can control with your eyes!

Build Share Print Create Write with your Eyes!

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Here's how it works in 4 steps:

Ein Computer auf dem das eye build it creator interface zu sehen ist.

#1 Eye-Tracking

Set up your Eye Tracker and download the Eye Build It Creator.

Eine Pyramide aus Voxeln.

#2 Voxel Models

Let your creativity run wild! Build brilliant Voxel Models!

Verschiedene Voxel Modelle.

#3 Community

Share your creative ideas with our Community all over the world!

Ein ausgedrucktes 3D Modell. Es ist ein japanisches Gartentor.

#4 3D-Printing

Now it's time to print your model! Choose a material and print it in the 3D Printer!

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