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What is the Eye Build It Creator?

The Eye Build It Creator is a 3D program that can be controlled completely with the eyes. With the creative program, models can be created using square blocks (voxels) that are assembled like a brick set. In this way, simple shapes can be created, but also entire new worlds can be created. Through eye control, we include users with disabilities and offer them a way to be creative without hands.

Ein Computer auf dem der Eye Build It Creator geöffnet ist. Man sieht eine Pyramide die gebaut wird.

5 Opportunities for your school:


Advanced training for digitization

A wide variety of digitization topics can be addressed and taught in project-accompanying learning programs. These are, for example: 3D printing, media skills, Industry 4.0, camera systems, light systems (physics - eye tracking) and much more.


Collection of experience

With the Eye Build It Creator, students can also print or have printed the models they have built using 3D printing processes that we have simplified. This allows them to learn manufacturing processes from the idea to design all the way to production.


Quick Access

With our lessons and tutorials, students create their first projects and learn more about the program.


Creative Autonomy

After an introduction, students can operate the creative program autonomously. We are also happy to offer workshops on this topic!



Students can have a collective experience and try something completely new

You want to get started right away?

From January to December 2021, our Early Access phase will run, with it you can already get access to our Eye Build It Creator and even try it out one month for free.

We are at your service for individual consultations.

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