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What is the Eye Build It Creator?

The Eye Build It Creator is a 3D program that can be controlled completely with the eyes. With the creative program, models can be created using square blocks (voxels) that are assembled like a brick set. In this way, simple shapes can be created, but also entire new worlds can be created. Through eye control, we include users with disabilities and offer them a way to be creative without hands.

Ein Computer auf dem der Eye Build It Creator geöffnet ist. Man sieht eine Pyramide die gebaut wird.

3 Reasons to share the Creator:


Support digital inclusion

Your network carries the idea of digital inclusion into the world and is a part of it. 


Network effects for your members

Our creative program has many links to a wide variety of industries. We would like to have you as a partner so that we can make as many people as possible aware of the potential.


You as digitization experts

In partnership with us, you can position yourself even further as digitization experts and future-proof partners for your members.

You want to get started right away?

If you can't wait to try out the creative program anymore, we have good news for you: From January to December 2021, our Early Access phase will run, with it you can already get access to our Eye Build It Creator and even try it out one month for free. 

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